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Cisco® Gigabit Switches

Our GIGABIT switches are Enterprise level Cisco® 48 porters, with all 144 ports configured by Cisco® Certified Engineers for stunningly fast speeds!


Is there anything worse than trying to frag your enemies at 900ms ping!!!??? Our high end Cisco® infrastructure provides low ping you can live with!


Bring a bean bag/sleeping bag, put on our wireless headphones & chillax in front of our BIG (120") Screen for some of the very best movies ever made!


BIG Rigs. Consoles. Card Games... Add to this the ability to buy snacks and drinks and Restaurant quality meals & we're talking about a rocking LAN!


No matter what standard we acheive, we want you to know that Trans4mers® will never stagnate... That's why we're working as hard as we can to add the following as soon as posisble:


Ever wanted the opportunity to compete against Celebrity gamers and hobnob with Celebrity hosts? Join our quarterly Tournements streamed to Twitch in stunning 1080p!


Cloud based servers, partnered with fast internet, Enterprise level Cisco® hardware and enough RAM to exceed expectations mean the best forums, email and Web hosting and more!


All Concession card holders (Students, Pensioners, Unemployed - Etc) pay a mere 20% of retail for genuine 5 star meals served fresh from our soon to open Fine Dining Restaurant!


Before and after our LIVE webcast Twitch Tournaments, how'd you like to have your picture taken with your gaming heroes and perhaps even get some autographs while you're at it?

Frag your friends at Trans4mers®


A Local Area Network (L.A.N.) Party is where a big group of people bring their own laptop/desktop gaming rigs, Servers, Playstations, XBox's, Wii's, Board and Card games to pit their skills against other attendees (over an unbroken 12 or 25 hours) - both socially (For fun) and competitively. (For prizes.)
The majority of Trans4mers® attendees are aged somewhere between the ages of 15 and 30.

Males outnumber females by about 3 to 1 and a typical member is a non-competitive gamer that plays socially around 4 hours per week.
We prefer attendees pay up front (before the event) through Eventbrite®. (This guarantees your place at the LAN as every Event we host is first come/First served.)

However, if you're willing to add an extra 20% to our Eventbrite® price (and assuming we aren't booked out) we accept: Cash, EFTPOS®, PayPal®, BitCoin®, Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Diners® at the Door. (We do NOT accept cheques or IOU's.)
We provide:

* A Safe Enviornment to have fun/game in.
* 12 or 25 hours of off Street Car Parking.
* A padded/comfortable seat to game from.
* (12 Hour Attendees) = FREE Meals. (x2)
* (25 Hour Attendees) = FREE Meals. (x4)
* 800mm width x 600mm depth for your rig!
* One power outlet for you to connect your PC/Monitor.
* Multiple Enterprise level Cisco® Gigabit Switches.
* The latest Enterprise level 802.11ac Cisco® WiFi.
* Cat 7 cabeling hard wired from your desk to our Server.
* Fully loaded Intel® i7 games servers.
* A separate (dedicated) Board and card game area.
* The best big screen movies from the best Producers
* Wireless Stereo headphones for our Movie Cinema.
* A 24/7 Snack Bar serving drinks & Light snacks.
Please note that if you don't have any of the following that you may PURCHASE what you're missing from us - otherwise:

* BYO (Bring your own) PC/Laptop and/or Console.
* BYO PC Monitor. (Must fit in your alloted space)
* BYO TV Monitor (for console games.)
* BYO (Surge protected) Power board.
* BYO Power cables for your PC/Monitor.
* BYO VGA, HDMI or DVI cable.
* BYO Keyboard and mouse.
* BYO Standard mouse pad.
* BYO Headphones. (No desktop speakers)
* BYO 5m (or longer) Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 LAN cable.
* BYO Bean Bag/Deck chair, Swag/Sleeping bag.
* BYO Games pre-installed on your own system
* BYO Warm clothing & deoderant/Toiletries
* BYO Board/Card Games you want to play.
* No Profanity.
* No Alcohol
* No physical fighting.
* No Non-perscription drugs.
* No Smoking in non designated areas.
* No Distributing copyrighted materials.
* No Offensive weapons of any description.
* No Portable fans or portable heaters.
* No Bullying or sexual harrassment.
* No Pornographic material of any kind.
* No Attempts at hacking our Network.
* No Sexual activities of any description.
* No Using our Network for illegal activities.
All of our buildings (including toilets) are 100% wheel chair accessable. We boast four (4) wheel chair access car parks. All doors can be gone through in a wheel chair and all events we host cater to able and disable bodied participants.
By attending a Trans4mers® LAN, you agree to abide by all of these terms and conditions and accept that failure to abide by them may result in your explusion or permanent barring from all future Trans4mers® events.

All Rules and Conditions will be strictly enforced. If you refuse to comply with our Rules and Conditions, our Volunteer Staff may impose consequences including but not limited to:

Disqualification with prejudice from tournaments and competitions. Expulsion from the event. We may evict you without stating cause or providing a refund.

If you repeatedly or severely violate these Rules and Conditions, you may be banned from our events for life.

You consent to the use of your image (including but not limited to photography, video and audio recordings) by us and our sponsors for any purpose pertaining to the promotion and operation of Trans4mers® events.

You absolve us of any responsibility toward your person and your possessions to the extent permissible by law. You agree to act in a responsible and civil manner to fellow attendee's. Violence, Bullying or any form of abuse towards any other attendee while you are attending an event or through our social media will not be tolerated.

You agree to abide by Trans4mers® LAN Parties Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco policy and agree to not consume or distribute these substances while on Jesus Church's property. This includes inside of all buildings and all car parks and outside areas.

We reserve the right to evict you without either stating cause and/or providing a refund.
If Trans4mers® are too far for you to travel to, there are other awesome LAN Parties here in Adelaide to choose from:

ASLAN (Blair Athol)

AVCon (Adelaide Convention Center)

FragNation (Gawler)

InLAN (Blackwood Hills)

LANTastic (Glenelg North)

Streetgeek (Colonel Light Gardens)

Please add 10% to all the below prices when you pay at the door. (These prices are only valid, online, through Eventbrite®)

12 hour PC/Laptop price = $18 each
(2x Meals are included in your $18)
All Spectators (Gaming area only) = FREE

25 hour PC/Laptop price = $28 each
(4x Meals are included in your $28)
All Spectators (Gaming area only) = FREE

12 hour Unlimited Consoles, price = $6
(No meals are included in your $8)
All Spectators (Gaming area only) = FREE

25 hour Unlimited Consoles price = $12
(No meals are included in your $12)
All Spectators (Gaming area only) = FREE

12 hour price (Each Server) = $2.50
25 hour price (Each Server) = $5

Contact Us

Trans4mers® are grateful to have partnered with Major Sponsor and Venue host Jesus Church. If you'd like to speak to someone about Trans4mers,® you can ring Jesus Church any time from 8:30am to 4:30pm every Monday to Friday... If your question doesn't need an urgent answer - simply use our contact form.

(08) 8182-5185

156 Commercial Rd. Salisbury, 5108

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